Ajax is a droplab plugin that allows for retrieving and rendering list data from a server.


Add the Ajax object to the plugins array of a DropLab.prototype.init or DropLab.prototype.addHook call.

Ajax requires 2 configuration values, the endpoint and method.

  • endpoint should be a URL to the request endpoint.
  • method should be setData or addData.
  • setData completely replaces the dropdown with the response data.
  • addData appends the response data to the current dropdown list.
<a href="#" id="trigger" data-dropdown-trigger="#list">Toggle</a>
<ul id="list" data-dropdown><!-- ... --><ul>
const droplab = new DropLab();

const trigger = document.getElementById('trigger');
const list = document.getElementById('list');

droplab.addHook(trigger, list, [Ajax], {
  Ajax: {
    endpoint: '/some-endpoint',
    method: 'setData',

Optionally you can set loadingTemplate to a HTML string. This HTML string will replace the dropdown list while the request is pending.

Additionally, you can set onError to a function to catch any XHR errors.