Code Intelligence

GitLab 13.1で導入されました。

Code Intelligence adds code navigation features common to interactive development environments (IDE), including:

  • Type signatures and symbol documentation.
  • Go-to definition

Code Intelligence is built into GitLab and powered by LSIF (Language Server Index Format), a file format for precomputed code intelligence data.


Enable code intelligence for a project by adding a GitLab CI/CD job to the project’s .gitlab-ci.yml which will generate the LSIF artifact:

  image: golang:1.14.0
  allow_failure: true # recommended
    - go get
    - lsif-go
      lsif: dump.lsif

The generated LSIF file must be less than 170MiB.

After the job succeeds, code intelligence data can be viewed while browsing the code:

Code intelligence

Language support

Generating an LSIF file requires a language server indexer implementation for the relevant language.

Language Implementation
Go sourcegraph/lsif-go
JavaScript sourcegraph/lsif-node
TypeScript sourcegraph/lsif-node

View a complete list of available LSIF indexers on their website and refer to their documentation to see how to generate an LSIF file for your specific language.