Import Phabricator tasks into a GitLab project

GitLab 12.0で導入されました

GitLab allows you to import all tasks from a Phabricator instance into GitLab issues. The import creates a single project with the repository disabled.

Currently, only the following basic fields are imported:

  • タイトル
  • 説明
  • State (open or closed)
  • Created at
  • Closed at


The assignee and author of a user are deducted from a Task’s owner and author: If a user with the same username has access to the namespace of the project being imported into, then the user will be linked.

Enabling this feature

While this feature is incomplete, a feature flag is required to enable it so that we can gain early feedback before releasing it for everyone. To enable it:

  1. Run the following command in a Rails console:

  2. Enable Phabricator as an import source in the Admin Area.