Installing GitLab with Omnibus packages


  • Installation Requirements.
  • If you want to access your GitLab instance via a domain name, like, make sure the domain correctly points to the IP of the server where GitLab is being installed. You can check this using the command host
  • If you want to use HTTPS on your GitLab instance, make sure you have the SSL certificates for the domain ready. (Note that certain components like Container Registry which can have their own subdomains requires certificates for those subdomains also.)
  • If you want to send notification emails, install and configure a mail server (MTA) like sendmail. Alternatively, you can use other third party SMTP servers.

Installation and Configuration

These configuration settings are commonly used when configuring Omnibus GitLab. For a complete list of settings, see the README file.

Using Docker image

You can also use the Docker images provided by GitLab to install and configure a GitLab instance. Check the documentation to know more.