Note Praefect support is EXPERIMENTAL at this time. We do not recommend using it in production yet.

Praefect is a manager aiming to maintain replicas for each repository. Praefect is in active development. The goal is to achieve a highly available storage cluster, but this is not the case yet, so it is recommended to run Praefect on a different node than the Gitaly nodes.

praefect['enable'] = true

Praefect settings

Praefect must be enabled in GitLab before it can be used.

Praefect storage nodes

Praefect needs one or more Gitaly servers to store the Git data on. These Gitaly servers are considered Praefect storage_nodes (praefect['storage_nodes']). These storage nodes should be private to Praefect, meaning they should not be listed in git_data_dirs in your gitlab.rb.